I am a mom of three kids, my oldest is 18 and my youngest is 3! I have not always struggled with my weight and health but these last few years have been really difficult. I sought help from various doctors because I could tell something was not exactly right. The answer was always “well that is how it is for women your age”. Until I asked Dr. Gopal for help. She knew exactly what I was talking about when I told her how awful I felt and how there were days I could barely get up the stairs. The extra weight is no fun but for me, the way I felt (miserable, achy, tired) was the more important piece. She was so attentive and listened to every symptom I told her about without negating any of them. We set a plan in place and I followed her advice. Three months into the program I am down 20 pounds and about 18 inches overall, my skin looks amazing and I feel so much more like myself. Many of my symptoms have either resolved or are so significantly better, it's hard to remember how bad I felt. It has not been easy, but with her help I have begun to see that focusing on how I feel, listening to my body and making changes will result in feeling better mentally and physically. My family sees a huge difference as well. Dr. Gopal understands so many elements of how your body reacts to your environment, what you eat and how you talk to yourself. Her positive approach is supportive and fact-based. The reassurance of “it has taken time for you to feel bad, it will take time to feel better” has helped me on this path to wellness. I have stopped beating myself up when I do not feel well and started to look at myself holistically. I know I still have a long way to go and I know Dr. Gopal will be with me to support me. I cannot state strongly enough what a difference having her on my team has made in my life. I am happy to talk to anyone considering her program, it will change your life.

Christine L

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