What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative therapy is an outpatient procedure that is done at the point of care. It involves the application of a concentrated form of platelet rich plasma, and / or bone marrow aspirate tissue or fat tissue cells to the affected area. This is a generally painless procedure in most cases, and completely safe. This therapy can be used to aid and to AMPLIFY the healing process in a joint, cartilage, meniscal, tendon, muscle, skin or hair loss condition.

Two of the most effective Regenerative Therapies include Adult Stem Cell Therapy & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Adult Stem Cell Therapy

One of the most exciting recent developments in the treatment and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, joint, muscle, cartilage, labrum etc. is the use of Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) and Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Regenerative therapies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Adult Stem Cells from one’s own body, or allograft (donor derived) are a spectrum of cutting edge techniques used to naturally treat, heal & regenerate skin, hair, tendon, joints, muscle, cartilage and other musculoskeletal conditions rather than masking the symptoms.

Adult MSCs are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to become other more specialized types of cells. They can be isolated from your own body (either fat or bone marrow), processed and re-injected back in the same body in the same setting, at the area that is damaged, injured, or needing regeneration. Often PRP is used in adjunct to stem cell regenerative therapy derived from fat or bone marrow of one’s own body.

This therapy uses your own cells to aid and NATURALLY AMPLIFY the healing process in the skin (facials), hair (hair loss), sexual optimization, joint (arthritis), cartilage (wear/tear damage), meniscal (meniscal injury), tendons (tendinopathy, tennis elbow, knee tendinitis), ligament (plantar fasciitis) or muscle (chronic muscle tear, hamstring, etc.) conditions. These treatments are performed with specialized and advanced delivery methods using, as needed, ultrasound or digital x-ray guidance. Often different body areas can be treated at the same time.

Adult mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) therapies are a spectrum of cutting-edge techniques used to naturally treat and heal rather than masking the symptoms from your own body.

Adult Stem Cells form Bone Marrow:

A great source of regenerative MSCs can be found in iliac crest of the hipbone and processed with the bone marrow concentrating system. These stem cells have more chondrocytic (cartilage & bone-forming) properties that are especially useful for musculoskeletal conditions such as joints, tendons, and spine conditions. The MSCs cells in Bone Marrow decrease with aging although still preserve various bone marrow healing and growth factors.

Adult Stem Cells from your own Adipose (FAT):

Fat can be removed from your own body, usually from abdominal, buttock, or thigh area, mechanically separated, and processed. This results in a highly concentrated stem cell solution not as much affected by age of the individual, that can be mixed with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and then injected back into your body in the area of concern. We currently use the Lipogems system.

Amniotic/ Umbilical cord-derived ALLOGRAFT :

Placental tissues have been used as biologic dressings for over 100 years. Placental/Amniotic tissue is unique in that it is “immune privileged” and, as such rarely evokes an immune response. The cells inherent in the placental tissues are found to be broadly multipotent, capable of differentiating into other cells. They have shown to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-adhesive properties with wide range of growth factors. Human placenta tissue-derived allografts (other human donor) are an alternative to other regenerative products.

Regenerative Medicine & Sexual Health

Regenerative medicine can be used for sexual optimization.  Widely used ‘P’ and ‘O” shots have been used.

VMNY Female PRP Shot

Female Sexual dysfunction such as low sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, dyspareunia can be treated with activated PRP and or lipoaspirate fat stem cells into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall.  It has been reported that 40% of women are affected worldwide.  In a clinical study and in clinical practice many women noticed improvements in arousal, desire, lubrication, sensitivity and stronger orgasm after PRP injections.  Improvements in symptoms of stress urinary incontinence are also reported. The female PRP shot at VMNY is pure PRP activated and customized for above results.

VMNY Male PRP Shot

Male Sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and abnormal ejaculation may have varied risk factors including age, medical illnesses (Diabetes, Coronary artery disease, hypogonadism, thyroid disease, neuro disease etc.), Smoking, Medications (SSRI, Clonidine) and others.  Many men have reported benefits such as stronger erections, increased arousal and libido, more youthful appearing skin of penis, improved sensation, stronger, more pleasurable orgasms and increased size of penis.
The male PRP shot at VMNY is pure PRP activated and customized for above results.

Hair Restoration program

Platelet Rich Plasma,also known as “PRP” is an injection treatment whereby a person’s own blood is used. This novel modality is based on the pivotal discovery of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in promoting angiogenesis and signals in cell interactions required for hair canal formation and growth of dermal mesenchyme, thereby opening newer perspectives for PRP in hair restoration and tissue remodeling.

A fraction of blood (30cc-60cc) is drawn up from the individual patient into a syringe. This is a relatively small amount compared to blood donation. The blood is spun i n a special centrifuge to separate its components (Red Blood Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, Platelet Poor Plasma and Buffy Coat) and later concentrate a pure PRP.

The pure PRP is then activated with a small amount of calcium chloride, which acts as an activation agent and scaffold to keep the PRP where the injector intends to treat. Platelets are very small cells in your blood that are involved in the clotting and healing process. When PRP is injected into the damaged area it causes a mild inflammation that triggers the healing cascade. As the platelets organize in the clot they release a number of enzymes to promote healing and tissue responses including attracting stem cells and growth factors to repair the damaged area. As a result new collagen begins to develop.

As the collagen matures it begins to shrink causing the tightening and strengthening of the damaged area. When treating injured or sun and time damaged tissue, they can induce a remodeling of the tissue to a healthier and younger state. The full procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Generally 2-3 treatments are advised,however, more may be necessary for some individuals. Touch up treatments may be done once a year after the initial group of treatments to boost and maintain the results.

Currently, cell assisted regenerative therapies, including stem cell injections, are still considered experimental. Most insurance plans do NOT cover for cell assisted regenerative therapies. Please contact your physician or health care personnel for more information

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